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Meet Our Team

Mohammad Atiquz Zaman


Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh

NSO: Bangladesh Scouts

Position in Scouting: National Commissioner for Youth Program

What peace means to you: Treating other people the way you expect to be treated. Listening to other peoples opinion, compromising, agreeing. Setting aside differences and coming together for whatever is best for all.

Why is it important for you that the Alliance bid is selected: Bidding as an alliance is a great example of best practice of diversity and inclusion in scouting. Each NSO that participate in the alliance ultimately is representing their very own region. So, this is going to be a real world scout jamboree, well represented by every region of the world.

Md Raquibul Amin Khandaker



Hometown: Dhaka

NSO: Bangladesh Scouts

Position in Scouting: Rover Scout

What peace means to me: Not having to worry about losing my friend because of war.

Why is it important for them that the Alliance Bid is selected: we have learned a lot from the past jamborees and have analyzed what the current situation of the world demands which will therefore help us to offer a great jamboree. 

Javier Fernando León


NSO: Asociación de Scouts del Ecuador

Position: International Commissioner

With a passion for Scouting, he leads the Ecuadorian team that together with alliance team, will offer the best multicultural experience ever seen in a Jamboree, for him,

Peace means living in harmony regardless of cultural or social differences where empathy and respect outweigh any conflict, peace is “Scouting”, peace is “Jamboree”. 

Javier believes that if the alliance’s bid is selected, it will be a great opportunity to demonstrate to young people that working in harmony and achieving great goals is possible despite cultural differences and even geographical distance. You just have to work with peace and respect.”

Daniela Estefanía Pico Farfán


NSO: Ecuadorian Scout Association 

Youth representative for the Alliance Bid

For me peace means the understanding and cooperation between people from all around the globe regardless of their backgrounds working together to create a world full with empathy, respect, and unity.

This Alliance is a unique group that’s has never been seen before, selecting us would be the true meaning of scouthood because connecting cultures through international gatherings such as thus promotes growth and global peace.

Mohammad Omar (MO)


Hometown Cairo Egypt

NSO: Egyptian Scout Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting: International Commissioner

Peace: “People are able to deal with their conflicts to the best interest of both.”

Why Alliance:  “It provides a new idea that opens the door to a wide range of NSOs to gain the experience of managing a Jamboree and proofs the ability of the WOSM to connect diversified cultures and endorse the unity of the movement.  I am highly enthusiastic for such alliance and impact of the idea on our movement.”


Amr Abolazm


Hometown: Alexandria- Egypt 

NSO: Egyptian Scout Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting; Deputy international Commissioner 

“Peace is the Key Act for a Bright Future” 

Why Alliance? “Our Alliance is representing the unity and Diversity of our Scout movement voting for our Alliance will provide a message that Diversity is a key element for Unity.”

Ebrahim Elhamalawy


Hometown: Cairo- Egypt 

NSO: Egyptian Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting: Vice international commissioner- Egypt

Peace:  “It is when the harmony created based on cooperation and understanding”

Why Alliance?  “Empowering the global citizenship concept.”


Ahmed Mamdouh Ibrahim


Hometown: Ismailia – Egypt

NSO: Egyptian Federation for Scouts & Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting: WOSM Humanitrian Action consultant and Deputy international Commissioner 

On Peace: “Everyone with different race, culture or culture have the right to live peacefully.”

Why Alliance?  “It Is a great chance to the people in the Alliance to building capacity and to achieve great success from the Alliance.”

Sherif R. Saad “Shicco”


Hometown: Cairo – Egypt

NSO: Egyptian Federation for Scouts & Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting: WOSM Communications consultant 

On Peace:  “According to the scout law: “A Scout smiles and whistles under all difficulties.”

For me peace is not being in a place without difficulties.. it’s being calm & smiling in the midst of all difficulties.

Why Alliance?  “We always talk the talk about connecting cultures, this jamboree will walk the walk!”


Judy Ibrahim Zaki Ahmed Elsawy


Hometown: Alexandria 

NSO : Egypt Sporting Scouts and Girl Guides Group 

Position in Scouting : Translation team member  

Peace: “Peace, to me, signifies a state of harmony, tranquility, and absence of conflict both within oneself and among individuals or nations.”

Why Alliance?  “Selecting our Alliance bid is crucial for promoting unity and diversity within the Scouts community, fostering a sense of inclusivity and collaboration among members worldwide.”


Ali Wael Bekheet


NSO: Egyptian Scout Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides

Position in Scout – Rover / Youth Representative

On Peace:  “To me, peace encompasses social harmony, achieved through cooperation and inclusivity within our diverse communities. Promoting mutual understanding and further enhances environmental sustainability by encouraging careful stewardship of our planet’s resources and reducing inequality.”

Why Alliance?  “In my opinion choosing the Alliance’s bid to host the 2031 WSJ is important as the theme “Connecting Cultures” promotes peace and unity which is vital for global understanding. This bid, led by five diverse National Scout Organizations, seeks to foster a diverse cultural understanding amount scouts worldwide providing a unique worldview that will not only provide a unique experience for scouts this time, but will pave a way for global citizenship moving forward, providing unparalleled experience for generations to come.”

Farah Naga


Hometown: Alexandria – Egypt

NSO: Egyptian Federation for Scouts & Girl Guides 

Position in Scouting: WSCO – NSO Support Consultant  

On Peace: “Peace is everyone accepting one another with all of the differences, peace is completing one another, and peace is building a better world all together for the sake of one and everyone. “

Why Alliance? “For the first time ever, a world scout jamboree is going to be a portion of different cultures on a common sustainable campsite to serve all scouts.”


Ahmad Daoud


Hometown: Alexandria- Egypt 

NSO: Egyptian Scout Federation for Scouts and Girl Guides 

On Peace: “Peace to me means a state of harmony and tranquility, both within oneself and among individuals, communities, and nations.”

Why Alliance? “Our alliance allows for the pooling of resources, knowledge, and talents, leading to innovation, progress and inclusion.”

Antony Gitonga


Position: International Commissioner and a Board Member

NSO: Kenya Scouts Association

He has been active in National and International Scouting for more than 15 years. Anthony has authored the book – ‘Rovering As Intended’, a rover guidebook that has guided and revitalized Rover Scouting especially in Africa. He also holds the Presidential Medal of Merit Award awarded him by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2018.

Anthony has travelled far and wide on diverse assignments and holds the coveted Global Communications and Public Affairs Excellence Award (Germany 2015).

For Antony, Peace means Life. Peace is the common denominator for the continued co-existence of humankind. That is why the Alliance bid to host a Peace Jamboree is a global game changer in matters global peace. The Peace Jamboree will be the largest Peace Gathering, the largest single-most opportunity to commission 50,000 Peace Ambassadors to the world. I can’t wait to be part of the Peace Jamboree. 

Victor Radido


Positon: Chief Commissioner

NSO: Kenya Scouts Association

For me as a Public Figure, Peace is a very crucial aspect of the general public order and public good. I call upon all of us to be very intentional in cultivating peace and peaceful co-existence between individuals and communities. Without peace, nothing would be possible. 

The Idea of the Alliance is very exciting to me; I am so honored to rally the entire Kenya Scouts Association towards winning the Alliance bid and ultimately delivering the most memorable world experience through the 27th World Scouts Jamboree – The Peace Jamboree!


Sarah Wambui Murigi


Hometown:  Nairobi, Kenya

NSO: Kenya Scouts Association

Position in Scouting:

Rover – intern at Kenya Scouts Association

What peace means to me:

Peace means co-existing, working and relating harmoniously to enjoy nature’s gifts and life’s blessings without human- set boundaries such as race, religion, ethnicity,and  tribalism.

Why Alliance?  I think it is important for the alliance bid to be selected because this will be a true definition of breaking boundaries in the attempt to promote global peace and cooperation. Since the alliance is comprising of different nations,this means diverse ideas are brought together from different parts of the world to create a most fulfilling, enriched and educative jamboree for scouts.

Lou Paulson

United States of America

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

National Scout Organization: Boy Scouts of America

Position in Scouting: International Commissioner

What peace means to me: Allowing everyone to live in this world with dignity and respect.

Why is it important for them that the Alliance Bid is selected: It will show the World that different cultures can work together and create something greater than their individual parts. 

James Delorey

United States of America

Hometown: Westport, Connecticut
National Scout Organization: Boy Scouts of America
Position in Scouting: Ambassador, BSA International Committee
What peace means to me: Freedom from anxiety and fear, the opportunity to grow stronger and wiser, and the
Why is it important for them that the Alliance Bid is selected: We will have an energetic, vibrant, colorful, flavorful, festive Jamboree. Scouts will learn so much about different cultures and become ambassadors for peace. 


Lailah Bias

United States of America

Hometown:  Fort Worth, TX but living in Manhattan, KS currently

NSO: Boy Scouts of America

Position: Young Adult Representative

To me, peace means joining together in a space that facilitates tranquility, calmness, and openness between scouts and scouters. It is extremely important that the Alliance bid is selected because the Summit serves as a perfect tranquility space, and the five countries involved in this bid serve as an example of what peace will look like at the 2031 Jamboree. #diversitymakesusstronger